Business Process Outsourcing Company, ABS Provides web-based customer service and support with purely customer-focused mind-set.
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  Why ABS?
Our unique data capture process assures the customers over 99% or more accuracy. Our vendor model coupled with process excellence ensures a lower cost to the customer. Spread of vendors across many stations in India ensures continuity in business for our customers apart from acting as an excellent disaster recovery systems. Continuous training and re-training of Operators ensures better productivity. To cap it all, we have an in-house R&D team comprising of domain specialists and technology experts to get the best for the customer.
  About Ascenders Business Solutions
Ascenders Business Solutions (ABS) Private Limited is a subsidiary of Ascenders Technologies Private Limited. We are preferred vendors for the Government of TN since we successfully completed data capture of information of over 300M families in a record span of just 12 weeks.
  Service Offerings

We are specialists in form based data entry process across many domains. Validation and conversion of the captured data is our forte. Supported by a strong and experienced Technical team, we build our own data capture applications, conversion applications and auditing applications. A point worthy of mention is our skills in automating any process which is having a repetitive step, since our underlying philosophy is to make the man work less and machine work more. Our services include definition / re-definition of processes from scratch, make meaning out of legacy data, scanning, digitizing etc.

We have expertise in verticals like Healthcare, any form-based data entry, survey results, Government projects etc.

Our team of experts can cull out the underlying process and improve the same for you even if you are unable to define any process but can list only activities.

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