Business Process Outsourcing Company, ABS Provides web-based customer service and support with purely customer-focused mind-set.
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Ascenders Business Solutions (ABS) Private Limited is an expert in the contact centre operations with relevant experience in the contact centre industry and holds various consultancy level positions with multiple contact centres. Industry experience includes wireless, direct response, catalog, insurance, automotive, mail order, sales, customer service, and much more. Ascenders can be your personal account manager, consultant, and contact centre project supervisor on any inbound or outbound contact centre campaigns that you wish to conduct for your business regardless of size.

You get a remarkable quantity and quality of contact centre expertise as part of the services rendered on your behalf.  Ascenders Business Solutions has a responsive and very resourceful professional set up with no-nonsense work ethics when it comes to taking care of business and clients. We will be readily available for you from start to finish on your projects too!

Our clients include renowned bankers, insurance companies, various associations and professional societies, telecom companies, hospitals and medical service providers, manufacturers, investment firms, and the list goes on and on. The crux is that Ascenders Business Solutions has amassed a great deal of diversity in working with various industries and verticals.

Your project will be handled by some of our exclusive units located in India (Chennai and down South). Ascenders Business Solutions has a strong and direct relationship with these units. We will also have a very strong motivation in seeing that you are completely satisfied with the contact center services rendered to your business. Small and short term projects are welcome. A few of our contact centers or telemarketing services can be outsourced or/ and conducted overseas. When this is the case, you will be made aware of these arrangements. Otherwise all calls are conducted or handled right here in South India by professional contact center agents.

Client surveys, shrinkage, absenteeism, high turn-over, update time and ‘not ready’ are factors that are common to both Inbound and Outbound Call Service Centers so ABS makes it a point to study, work on and establish processes that are conducive to our business model.

Outbound Telemarketing (Business to Business Only):
Outbound telemarketing services can be performed for your company on a business to business basis for such activities as product introduction, lead generation, surveys, debt recovery, membership renewals, etc.

Our obsession with Quality Metrics:


Metrics that are given high priority analyses in ABS are primarily Online-To-Schedule (OLTS) which in turn indicates the number of minutes logged-on versus the number of minutes scheduled to be logged-on. This metric does not take into consideration breaks taken off-schedule; rather it focuses on the total time logged on to the automated dialer and ready to take a call. It does not include: not-ready, make-busy, and logged-out but does include: talk time, idle time, and post-call wrap-up. Scheduled meetings do not negatively impact the statistic. At ABS, the OLTS is targeted at an average of 90%.

Another feature that is analyzed in detail is the ‘Talk-to-Paid’ norm. It is a true Profit & Loss measure for outbound call service centers. It determines the total minutes spent talking to a client versus the total cost of payroll. Everything is included in this statistic, including absenteeism, meetings (scheduled or otherwise), vacation, lateness, etc. This formula indicates how much we pay in salary costs against the number of minutes an agent is speaking to a live client.

The sales-per-hour is also calculated as the number of sales per day / number of agents / hours worked by each agent daily. To figure this out, we take into consideration four different metrics: connection, contact, sale and sales to lead collectively rather than in isolation of each other. The connection indicates that the predictive dialer has found a live voice, which in turn, may or may not be the correct client. The contact refers to the agent confirmation of the connection and categorization of the call as a Right Party Contact and the Right Party Contact has made a final decision (yes or no). The sale is an indication that the Right Party Contact has accepted the offer as presented. Finally, the Sales to Leads are a description of a net sale versus the total number of records received. The purpose for measuring the three metrics on a “per hour” basis is to ensure that the statistics are not misunderstood.

The number of client records closed versus the total records received is an effective calculation of File Penetration. Closed status, which is the same as penetration, is determined by the following: the client makes either a yes or no decision; wrong client phone number; client will be absent for extended time; client deceased; etc. The relevance of penetration is cost based. For every client name in a campaign, there is an actual cost attached to generating that name. To ABS, the definition of a closed record is a record that an agent will not attempt to contact again.

ABS is also very particular about Abandon Ratio. An outbound abandon is when the predictive dialer connects with more live clients than there are available agents. The client will hear a computerized greeting and will be asked to hold for a live voice. A client that hangs up during this time is deemed to be an ‘abandon’. We have made it a crucial practice not to exceed a 5% abandon rate. It is on this basis that our agents are trained to balance soft dollar costs of abandoned calls versus achieving high contact ratio.

  Inbound Call Services:  
Capturing incoming calls for the purposes of customer service & support, order taking, inbound sales, and just about everything else that requires a telephone representative to handle an inbound call for your business can be arranged. Calls will be answered in your company's name. Toll free numbers to be advertised can be assigned as needed. Short term contracts available with service provided on a 24 hour basis as a part of the standard services provided.
  Quality Procedures we follow:  
To make sure that you are professionally and thoroughly serviced, we follow certain mandatory procedures that include a reasonable response time which will serve to offset any customer frustration and present a professional attitude. Related to response time, call-abandon rate reflects bad customer relationships so our agents make sure that service is provided promptly and with a smile. The length of calls are monitored on a continuous basis so that calls may be resolved quickly thereby impressing the customers no end. This also allows for more calls in the same amount of time. We measure the number of repeat calls about one issue from the same customer or by different customers so that we have a track of our company’s ability to resolve problems and subsequently have a fair indication of overall customer satisfaction. We also make it a point to track the number of call transfers to help us define the effectiveness of our business model.

We make it a point to address some otherwise difficult-to-quantify aspects of contact-center operations, such as Employee Knowledge of Product. Employee skills are measured by the length of calls and the number of repeat calls. Therefore, employee training is all important and takes a primary place in the scheme of things. We consider training as a necessary expenditure and we ascertain frequent updating. Further to this, the actual effectiveness of provided solutions reflects the usefulness of training and solutions provided by our in house development and support staff. The efficiency of the database is also taken into account where the help-desk employees need to be able to retrieve information immediately. We make sure that our company's database software serves you well; analyzing factors like call-abandon rate and length of calls can confirm whether the database helps or hinders agents. All these factors are analyzed at length just so that you receive optimum value for the money and trust that you have chosen to invest in us.
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