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Data conversion is a transition service where data in one form gets converted to another form. ABS BPO is the perfect data conversion partner of your organization. Our data entry operators are phenomenal and we use state of the art technology to deliver an ideal data conversion service. Our data entry service can handle a wide range of conversion solutions to data of varying dimensions. Our conversion solution involves a customized process, where in your data are converted to the format that you desire.
Electronic Document Management benefits your organization in various ways:
  Compressed storage space
  Highly resistant against calamities
  Easier to store, share, and transport
  Reduces the technology and human resource costs
  Speedy document search and retrieval
  Offers high level security for the documents
  Enables accessibility to multiple copies of the documents

ABS BPO's document management services bestow documents with extreme proportions and transfers your paper documents to a digitized form. The paper documents are scanned, composed, re-ordered, indexed, and archived. Our document indexing helps you in easier documents search and fastens the document fetch. We process documents varying from financial reports, research reports, legal instruments, human resource records, medical reports, survey forms, student reports and so on. We offer our clients 24/ 7 accessibility to their digitized documents through internet by warehousing them in a centralized data server. ABS BPO's document management service provides an authentic, genuine and economic service to our clients’ documents.

ABS BPO data conversion service involves
  Document Conversion
  XML Conversion
  SGML Conversion
  HTML Conversion
  Book Conversion
  PDF Conversion
  Catalog Conversion
At ABS BPO, our data conversion service involves ingenious applications that comprise of advanced technology such as; Optical character recognition OCR, Intelligent character recognition ICR, and Optical mark recognition OMR. We deliver your converted data to your desktops.
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