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Data Processing is the process of accumulating, analyzing, rearranging and converting the unprocessed data to form utilizable information or data. ABS BPO brings you the most comprehensive and illustrious data processing service. At ABS BPO, we take care of information and provide an absolute data processing service.
ABS BPO's Data Processing Service involves;
  Data entry services
  Data editing services
  Data cleansing services
  Data indexing services
  Data mining and ware housing services
  Data analysis and authorization services and so on
At ABS BPO, we make our clients to feel comfortable and stay away from all the data processing nags. ABS BPO's ‘Data Processing Service' is the ultimate data processing tool that aids you manage all your data processing discomforts. ABS BPO's data processing service is well guided process supported by experienced data processing crew and advanced technology. At ABS BPO, we provide our clients the best quality customized data processing services. Our data processing services are accurate and secured services. We serve our clients on a 24/7 basis. Ultimately, we provide our clients with most cost effective data processing service with faster turnarounds.
Insurance Claim Processing

Insurance claim processing is a process which involves an outsourcing service provider, who takes in-charge of the paper work and filing the claims of the policy holders against their losses.

ABS BPO has an expertise team of processing operators, who are proficient in the insurance sector and processing the claim documents. Our processing system provides an end to end processing service, which enables us to gather data and process our client's round the globe. At ABS BPO, we involve various phases on processing out clients claims. Our insurance claim processing service involves; data gathering, data entry, data processing, data documentation, and data validation so on. ABS BPO's insurance processing services are predominant in quality and available at economic prices. We offer round the clock services to the clients with faster turnouts.

  Data Extraction from the Web  
  ABS BPO provides a hosted solution for Data extraction from the web. We ensure that the data is extracted from web into MS-Excel sheet or into any database which is organized systematically. Data thus extracted is also entered directly into databases through remote access. Data distributed across different pages can be collected and compiled in a single location.  
  Data cleansing and checking  

Data cleansing and checking requires the tedious and detailed correction of all data that are incorrect, wrongly spelt and incomplete or data with unwanted fields or duplicate entries. During the data cleansing process, data is validated for accurate entries. Data cleansing process is actually the final step wherein the data is checked for quality rich content which is a mandatory requirement for business concerns at the time of requirement. We test for data completeness, data correction, data consistency etc. Once the data is cleaned up it must be updated timely for quality output. Therefore, our data cleansing process includes not only validation, but also correction of data. On a micro level, it includes the removal of obsolete data, standardization of files, removal of similar/ duplicate records and completion of omitted data.

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