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ABS BPO Solution is a very capable Legal Process Outsourcing support service provider. We aid law firms and legal advisors in providing legal support services. LPO support is a technology enabled service to organize, store and manage legal resources and information. The need for such support has arisen due to the increase in number of legal issues and the complexities they own.  Our LPO support services are enjoy the assistance provide by our consultants who are legally qualified as well as technically experienced. Our LPO services involve converting hard documents into digitized files and we also provide management solutions to the digitized documents. We support all kinds of legal matters irrespective of the complexity and the volume of the documents. Our LPO division is a custom-built service, where the services are customized according to client requirements.
Our LPO support services involve:
The legal/ litigation documents are converted to digital images from the pre-existing paper format. High resolution and speedy scanners are used for this process. Scanning enables the storage, organization and management of the resulting digital data.
  Digitizing Documents
The documents scanning process reduces the paper form to digitized images and then they will be transferred to editable digital text files. The digital text file comprises the character and text fields similar to that of the paper and image documents. At ABS BPO, we use advanced technological software like optical character recognition (OCR) and optical image recognition software to transform the digitized images to editable text files.
  Fixing Documents
The transformed digital text documents have to be aligned and edited. Mergers and pauses are provided to the information in the documents and then organized. The document alignment, data merging and pausing makes the documents clear. The data aligning and editing helps in correcting the document errors and thus, the data is made accessible for ready reference.
Stamping or numbering is a well know labeling method, which is used in identifying the legal files/ documents. This numbering process enables identity, security, and automated numbering of the digitized images and documents. A number is usually a readable text code or machine readable bar code. In specific cases the combination of both textual and bar code is used. An automated numbering process involves the usage of electronic stamping software which is used to number the digitized documents. Our litigation support focuses on both manual and automated numbering.
  Coding/ Indexing
The coding or indexing of documents is carried out with the help of the information and data present in the documents. Document coding/ indexing service helps in the easier management and faster retrieval of the documents. We offer various indexing services to our clients’ documents such as objective coding, subjective coding, detailed coding, bibliographic coding etc.
  Electronic Data Discovery
Electronic data discovery converts electronic documents of various formats ranging from mail attachments, office documents, images or portable documents etc. to a cohesive file format. The documents then are numbered, coded, organized, and stored in the data repository. The unified document facilitates our clients with an easier and faster search and retrieval.
  Abstract Services
A document or file can contain a vast amount of information and can therefore be time consuming where analysis and interpretation is concerned. At ABS BPO, we gather, analyze, interpret, and summarize the document information accurately for an effortless understanding of our clients.
  Data Warehousing
We help our clients by providing a centralized data warehouse or virtual repository for the purposes of enhanced security and integrity of the information contained in the documents. The neatly warehoused data documents can be fetched through mails, memory devices, and internet protocols etc.
  Forms Processing
Ever increasing information in the paper form is a ubiquitous issue that is no longer useful until it is converted into an electronic format and acted upon. Escalating volumes of data is a common issue in a growing firm. The delays due to processing of data can also impact customer satisfaction leading to a loss of customers, which could have a negative long-term effect on revenues and growth. This leads to the increase in the overall data management costs. The handling cost of documents takes up a significant cut of the overall revenue of a company. The forms processing in ABS BPO begins with the conversion of hard documents into digitized images. These images can be easily organized and quickly retrieved, indexed and archived. When files are scanned or electronically converted at ABS BPO, a high resolution digital copy is stored on a hard drive or optical disc. Templates, or electronic index cards, can have information attached to them, such as author, reference number, date created, or key words. Files can still be viewed, printed, shared and stored. The security assigned to your documents is tremendous at ABS BPO.
At ABS BPO we follow the following steps in forms processing:
Just as documents must be prepared in order to be fed into a scanner by removing staples, smoothening crumpled paper, positioning them for optimal registration, etc., so also the image of a form document must be prepared by following these steps before it can be intelligently recognized:
  Document scanning
  Image analysis
  Form alignment
  Form identification
  Form background removal
  Character field location
  Character segmentation
  Character classification
  Manual correction of rejected character fields
Types of Form Processing
We capture data from all types of handwritten and typed forms accurately, rapidly and cost-effectively. The types of forms that ABS BPO has experience in handling can be briefly categorized as: 
  Membership application forms
  Legal forms
  Online forms
  Resume processing
  E-mail forms
  HTML Forms
The Process for Forms processing at ABS BPO Solution

The job is begun with the division of labor amongst the operators. Each operator gets a certain percentage of the job. Once the basic entry is done, the job given to each operator is then again redistributed for double entry. Each time, after the entry is completed, the data is run through a spell check for spelling errors. On completion of the double entry the two documents are compared to identify and correct discrepancies. The completed data is then proof read by a supervisor and then, a random checking of the proof read data by a second supervisor. This ensures a minimum accuracy level of 99.995%.

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